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Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone H8


The KaraoKing’s portable wireless karaoke microphone has make it very convenient for the users, now one does not have to worry because the Bluetooth technology of this wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone, one can connect it directly to the smart cellphone. And with the free bag inside it you can pack it and can carry where ever you want.

Bonus bundle

Our wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone always comes with a surprise for its customers which worth more than $12. It comes with a FREE UNIVERSAL SMARTPHONE MOUNT and a convenient carrying case.



Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone has not only a single function, but it is also a multipurpose
instrument. Some of its features are as follow;

  • It is not only a wireless microphone, but also a speaker, a recorder and a car stereo instrument.
  • While taking an interview this wireless Bluetooth microphone can also be used.
  • With this portable KTV karaoke machine with the speaker live singing has become very easy.
  • While delivering a speech it will make your voice clear and loud.

High Compatibility

  • It is very compatible device and besides Bluetooth connection it can also be connected to the
    devices very easily through 3.5mm cable.
  • It can also support micro SD (TF) up to 32 GB.
  • Battery time is also a matter of concern while buying chargeable electronics. While in mid of your speech if the battery dies it gets very frustrated for the one who is delivering the speech that is why our Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone has impressive 8-hour battery life.

Sound adjustment options:

  • You can adjust the volume, echo, base and terrible as per your choice.
  • With its built-in high sensitivity of the microphone, and two channel stereo headphones
  • Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone emphasizes your voice.
  • With this wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone in your hand you are not less than a superstar.
  • It expertly reduces noise and dust interference with its superior metal filter head, your voice is also being broadcasted with its 5 watt dual speaker
  • It makes your voice loud and crystal clear!


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